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February 13, 2009 / joelmalm

Hemispherically Challenged

I have not been able to get to computer for the last few days. I am sitting at one now that only has a Spanish keyboard, that is why I will not be using any contractions – I cannot find the apostrophe key! We have been in Ecuador for the past week. Quito is at about 9000ft high so I have an ongoing mild headache, I am getting more acclimatized every day though. I spoke to some missionary kids and their parents about the challenges of growing up abroad. It went really well. We also went to Mitad del Mundo, the monument that supposedly sits right on the equator, we jumped back and forth between hemispheres – it got confusing and I got really dizzy. My head spun a different way on each side of the equator (like the reverse spin of a flushing toilet); just kidding. That reverse spin thing is a scam.

On Sunday our flight leaves for Cuzco. We have talked to lots of people who love Cuzco so we cannot wait to get there. Uploading pics on a dial-up connection takes forever, so we will have to upload a few next week when we get back to higher speed connections. Lots to come!


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  1. Jonathan / Feb 13 2009 5:46 pm

    Thanks for keeping us updated…I was beginning to wonder where in the world you are… 🙂

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