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March 15, 2009 / joelmalm

Allez allez allez

Cusco Soccer Game

Cusco Soccer Game

Today after church we went to a football game – I say football because we went with our British friends. It’s a rowdy event.

The entire game a group of crimson clad radicals was banging bass drums and playing trumpets. Every few minutes they would light a huge bomb off leaving us temporarily deaf as we watched the chaos on the field. Riot police were everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. I think the entire Cusco police force was out today. In the end they tied 1-1.

The event was a truly cultural experience. What did I learn? I learned that when you are watching football with your British friends you don’t accuse the opposition of “trash talking”the ref, in actuality they are “talking rubbish” to the ref.  A very important distinction.


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