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December 30, 2010 / joelmalm

The Road Less Traveled. Part 4

Here are some lies I’ve told myself recently:

  1. Your belly isn’t getting big.  Those are your abs in the process of forming.  After all, you do a sit up every morning to get out of bed.
  2. I really don’t eat that much junk food.
  3. The strange noise my transmission is making isn’t a problem.
  4. I can skip reading the Bible today, I am simply too busy.  Plus, I have been reading it for like twenty-five years, a day won’t hurt.

Problems don’t go away just because you deny they exist.  I know this, but for some reason I still try to lie to myself.

Brutal honesty with yourself is precisely that – brutal.  It’s no fun to face the facts.  But a life of discipline requires an accurate view of who and where you are.

The greatest challenge to being honest with yourself is that we all have blind spots.  Outside help is often needed to help you see you clearly.

So here’s an idea:  Find a close friend, someone you trust completely.  Decide beforehand that you won’t react to anything they say and then ask them to point out three things that they believe are holding you back from becoming all God wants you to be.

Their first response will be that they don’t know.  But trust me – they do.  Everyone around you knows your problem.  So prod them a bit more until they tell you.  Then, once they do, thank them and ask them to hold you accountable for making a change in those areas.

This exercise is not fun.  But it’s necessary if you want to live a disciplined life of total honesty.

Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.
Proverbs 27:6


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