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March 29, 2011 / joelmalm

That Sinking Feeling

Acqua Alta
is what the Venetians call the high tides that regularly flood their streets. The problem is getting worse. There were ten of these floods in 2010 alone. Besides the flooding, Venice is also sinking. The sinking has been happening at an ever increasing rate since 1920 when ground water was pumped out from under the city. Things aren’t looking good for Venice.

But help is on the way. A massive project called MOSE is being constructed, creating a system of gates that will hold back the rising tide. Venice will be saved.

Here’s the funny thing.  A huge number of Venetians hate the idea. It’s a plan to save their city, but for various reasons they want nothing to do with it.

Just goes to show that it’s impossible to please everyone. If you are trying to do anything significant, someone won’t like it. The only way to avoid upsetting people is to die (which will initially upset some folks).  Death is not a viable option in my book, so why not go out and make someone unhappy today by doing something significant.


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