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April 5, 2011 / joelmalm

How to make your life exciting

Here’s what makes an exciting story:

  1. An inciting incident that takes a character from living a normal life into a situation that requires they take action.
  2. A doorway of no return – a point at which the character makes a decision that forces them headlong into the action of the story.
  3. Lots of peril.  The odds are completely against the hero.
  4. A long middle part where the lead character faces obstacle after obstacle.
  5. A big win at the end.

God loves a good plot.  How do I know?  Jesus’ story fits all of the above.  Humanity needed saving.  Jesus stepped through the door and came to earth.  He lived with us and faced everything we face.  He took on death. He won.

Can you relate to any of the first four elements above?

Here’s another question:  How did you respond when the inciting incident appeared?  I think most of us cower in fear at those moments, I know I do.

But in the best stories, the protagonist (hero) decides to step into the adventure in spite of their fears and hesitation.

Be bold today.  Because of what Jesus did we can have confidence to dive into whatever adventure (challenge) presents itself to us.  He is sovereign and loves it when his kids do things to bring him glory.  Take a risk and start living a good story.


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