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April 6, 2011 / joelmalm

Pastor Clones and Rockstars

Baton Rouge, Louisiana has been invaded by a horde of clones.  You can spot them easily; middle-aged men dressed in square-toed dark shoes (the toe angled slightly up), dark jeans and button-up shirts with ambiguous, off-centered designs on the left or right chest.  Their hair is spiked up, no matter how little there may be of it, and they walk around in groups of 5-6 men.  Usually behind an alpha male who signs their paycheck.  They look like rockstars.

Who are these mysterious hordes dressed in matching apparel?

Church staff members.

I’m sure back on their home turf they look pretty edgy.  I know it works for me.  I like to look edgy. (I just got a v-neck.)  But put them all together and it looks like we’re at a conference for clones.

This led me to a scary thought last night while the laser light show blinded my eyes and the subwoofers pounded my chest in the worship service:

If you can’t be a rockstar in the world why not be one in the church?  There’s a lot less competition.

The power someone in ministry holds is a scary thing.  It’s essentially rock-stardom.  You are in front of people who are fairly convinced you have something to offer them.  It’s really quite humbling.  I often question whether I am up to the challenge.

Leadership is dangerous.  Pray for your church leaders.  Then make fun of them a lot to keep them humble! J


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  1. Ryan Koenig / Apr 6 2011 2:30 pm

    I love this…however…you are a hip dude just due to the fact that you are wearing canvas shoes faded jeans and a v-neck sweater…and Bolle sunglasses…and Mark Batterson said your name on stage…I’m just say’n!!!

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