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May 9, 2011 / joelmalm

Do My Weird Dreams Mean Anything?

Call me crazy, but I am certain that God speaks to me through dreams.  In fact, I am writing a novel based on a dream he gave me.  God used dreams in the Bible, why wouldn’t he use them now?

We all dream every night.  Most of us forget what we dreamed.  I keep a notebook and pen by my bed so that as soon as I wake up from a dream I can write it down; every detail I remember.

I’ve read lots of books about dreams.  They all say the important thing about a dream is not so much what happens, but the emotions you feel in the dream.

I once had a dream that showed me I was holding on to unforgiveness toward a person.  When I saw them in the dream I was so angry at them I could literally feel it.  The next morning I got up and made things right.  I am certain it was God communicating to me. (Psalm 4:4)

Obviously every dream is not from God and any actions you take based on what you feel a dream was saying needs to be in line with the Bible.  Run your dreams by someone you trust.

You should consider writing down your dreams and the emotions associated with them.  God always communicates with us when we take the time to slow down.  For most of us the only time we have to do that is when we are sleeping.


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