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July 21, 2011 / joelmalm

The Price of Saving $80

My GPS has been warning me for the past three years that I need to update my maps.  I refuse to, mostly because it costs $79.99 to do so.  It’s too expensive, plus roads don’t change. Right?

I was in Austin a while back, faithfully following the instructions of my GPS when up ahead I saw a toll booth.  How strange… that wasn’t on the GPS.

“My GPS never warned me this was a toll road.”

“Just happened, two months ago,” the apathetic attendant informed me between smacks of his chewing gum.

I was forced to fork out three bucks.  I was angry.

Still thinking about it a few moments later I still felt victorious: $3 vs. $79.99.  I won.  I guess I’ll probably decide it’s time to upgrade my maps when costs incurred are over eighty bucks.  Of course by then I could have just bought the new maps and saved myself lots of trouble and pain.

Lots of people give up on updating the road maps they use to navigate life.  They stop learning.  What they know has gotten them this far – why change?  As my hero M. Scott Peck explains, those people “often expend much more energy defending an outmoded view of the world than would have been required to revise and correct in the first place.”

Are you working off some outdated maps?  People get caught in all sorts of outmoded mindsets.  Church worship style, people management tactics, family dynamics that never really worked growing up but you transferred to your family because it was comfortable.

Take inventory and see if there’s any thing in your life that may be outmoded.  Seek God, consult with advisers and read your Bible.  Never compromise on the timeless truths of the gospel.  But remember, the gospel is without flaw – you aren’t.  It may be time for some changes at your place.  I know it is at mine.


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