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September 15, 2011 / joelmalm

How to Drive an Obnoxious Person Crazy

Did you know that the number one reason missionaries leave the field is other missionaries?  You’d think it was due to lack of financial support or cultural challenges.  But it’s not.  Its other pesky missionaries.

Most people leave churches because of other people too.  It’s not doctrinal issues or musical styles.

I don’t have the stats to prove it, but I’d bet most people leave jobs because of other people too.

I grew up on the mission field and most missionaries I’ve met in the over 50 countries I’ve visited are weird.  With a few exceptions that come to mind, the ones who have been there the longest are the weirdest.  The same phenomenon applies to churches and jobs.

So here’s my hypothesis.  The ones that are there the longest have been there so long because they simply outlasted the normal people.  Normal people just up and leave.  Weird and obnoxious people stick around.  We are all weird to one extent or another, but the weirdest ones become particularly good at repelling semi-normal folk.

So the next time someone frustrates you and you consider just picking up and leaving I encourage you to try something.  Toughen up and determine that you will outlast all those weirdos.  (It’s usually only one or two of them making your life miserable anyway.)

Don’t give up on the church or the mission field or a job because some goober who has been there too long to forget what the real world is like annoys you.  Outlast them.  Then you can take their place as the difficult person that runs others off.  🙂  Just kidding of course.


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