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October 10, 2011 / joelmalm

On Fasting and the Use of Mild Profanity

If you set out to do a three day fast but only make it one and a half days does that make you a half-ast Christian?  (Smile)  Hey, don’t judge me.  “To the pure all things are pure.” (Titus 1:15)

Our church is doing prayer and fasting as we step into a new season of growth.  Some of the greatest revelations I’ve had in my life came after a time of fasting.  And I do mean after.  During the fast I was miserable.  But God seems to honor fasting by really helping you break through to a new level in your spiritual walk.

Get some tips from a pro before you dive into a food fast.  But you don’t have to fast from food.  How would a seven day internet fast do you?  Read your Bible for two hours per day rather than exploring the endless malarkey on the world wide web.  Just a thought.


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  1. Josiah Hill / Oct 10 2011 10:01 am

    Ok, ok…that’s funny. “half-ast” he he

    I second this. Be careful and start slow on the food fasts if you are inexperienced. Fast two meals only, then wait a few days, then fast 24 hours, then wait a week, then do 48 hours, and on. Work up to it slowly, paying attention to your body. If you have chronic low blood sugar, you should not fast from food, as it can be very dangerous.

    I have not traditionally been a very big advocate of other kinds of fasts, but I have changed my tune recently. Probably the single best thing you can do for your spiritual walk with the Lord today is to fast completely from TV and playing on the internet for a week. Today, this is more of a hinderance from obeying Jesus and the cross than anything else.

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