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October 24, 2011 / joelmalm

A Longer Rope For Hanging The Rich

Rich Christians can be dangerous.

I was in a small Indian village in the mountains of Guatemala when a God-fearing wealthy man (whose name you’d recognize) set his two helicopters down in the town’s central park.  His entourage emerged and they met with the mayor announcing they were going to save the village.  Too many people were dying from smoke inhalation due to the cooking fires in their homes.  He was going to outfit the entire village with electric stoves.

After meeting with the mayor they realized that none of the people could afford the cost of electricity.  So they decided they were going to use gas stoves instead… hmm, who’s paying for the gas?

I walked around the campus of another ministry in a third world country that was littered with failed projects.  They had all been funded by a Daddy Warbucks in the U.S. who had all sorts of great ideas.  None of them worked.  The guy with all the money in the U.S. had run out of funds and now things were getting messy.

Rich people get a longer rope to hang themselves with.

Most ministries have to be very thoughtful and wise when it comes to spending money because resources are limited.  It’s the ministries/Christians that have the money that are dangerous.  They can do whatever seemingly good idea comes across their brain.

I wonder if that’s why God doesn’t make money grow on trees for most Christian organizations – it requires his intervention and our discernment and wisdom on how to be good stewards.  I also think we appreciate it more when it’s hard to come by and God provides just what we need.

Rejoice when your God-idea is short on money.  God wants to be involved in making it happen.  If you could do it on your own you wouldn’t need Him!



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  1. kassc / Oct 28 2011 11:20 am

    Thanks Joel, This was really encouraging. Thanks!

  2. oohlalalens / Jan 14 2012 4:43 pm

    Very Interesting! I just watched something along the same lines. You should check this out…

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