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November 28, 2011 / joelmalm

Hell or The Unemployment Line

I was constantly in trouble in high school.  I really had a heart for God, but for some reason I was always at odds with the powers-that-be.  I’m pretty sure my guidance counselor thought I was on my way to hell, or at least a permanent spot in the unemployment line.  But somehow, things have worked out fine up to this point.

I was thinking back to a few folks who I really hold in high esteem from those years.  The Nicholson Family, The Boesel Family, David Turner and Michael Graham.  They confronted me on bad behavior, but they believed I had something to offer.  They saw something beyond my actions.  I love them for that.

Mr. Graham told me once, “You are going to get a lot of flak for your personality, but don’t let that get you down.”  He was right.

Working with obnoxious people can be frustrating.  But I have to remind myself I was one of those obnoxious people (I may still be).  When I am patient and look past a person’s actions to what they can truly be, I am able to confront them about their behavior in a loving way.


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