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February 29, 2012 / joelmalm

Rules Gone Wild

Last night I was dialoguing with my CPA, waiting anxiously to find out how much I owe the IRS.  I started thinking:  How absurd is it that you have to hire someone to figure out how much you owe someone else.

The IRS is a perfect example of what happens when you try to make a rule for everything.  You get a whacked out mess.  You simply can’t make enough rules, because the folks that break the rules always figure out a way to weasel around them.

Rules govern from the outside, so you have to always make more as people get craftier.  There is a solution however.

Internal change, the kind that God is looking for, governs from the inside out.  The desire in our heart to please God carries over into a desire to do what’s right.  You don’t need rules at that point, you begin to operate from a desire to please God.  That’s why the government will never solve our problems.  All the government knows how to do these days is make more stupid rules that won’t work.  Jesus comes to give abundant life through change inside.

The only hope for our world is Jesus.  He brings the change that eliminates the need for rules and shifts the focus to doing what’s right out of love for Him.  That’s why the most important thing any Christian can do is share who Jesus is to those around them.


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