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March 14, 2012 / joelmalm

Fear and The Second Amendment

Last night my wife Emily woke me from a nightmare.  She said I was shouting in my sleep.  In my dream a man had entered our house and was about to harm her.  I was going after him with a baseball bat when she shook me awake.

I spent the next hour or so laying in bed deciding whether I would be better off purchasing a shotgun or a pistol.  Then something hit me.  At 12:58am I rolled over and scribbled:

God or guns – what do I go to first?

This isn’t a blog about whether people should own guns or not.  It’s about how I respond when I come face to face with something that terrifies me.

Truth is – I usually take matters into my own hands.

King David faced some major fears.  He knew how to fight, yet he wrote things like this:  Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.  (Psalm 20:7)

Safety and security is a myth.  We live in a scary world fraught with peril.  Calling out to God when confronted with fear is the best call you’ll ever make.  I’m going to start making a conscious effort to call on Him before I take any other action.  He is the only true source of security.



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  1. Sarah / Mar 14 2012 9:19 am

    That’s EXACTLY why I decided not to get my CHL! I know God will get me through whatever comes, good and bad. However, I don’t know how well I would do having to forgive myself for intentionally harming (potentially murdering) someone who, in reality, may “know not what they do”.

  2. Josh / Mar 14 2012 9:21 am

    You should own both everyone should each has it’s place. But I do agree with you! Good stuff.

  3. Jana Malm / Mar 14 2012 9:41 am

    Yes!!!! That is so true!! Great exhortation, Joel!!!

  4. Duane / Mar 17 2012 5:45 am

    I’m sure there are many different opinions on this one. Do I trust God to take care of me… yes. Do I own a gun for protection also… yes. I just pray that I am never actually put in a situation where I may have to use it.

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